Internationally acclaimed Nepalese born Dheeraj Shrestha is recognized as the foremost tabla player in Australia. An irrepressible creativity, tremendous clarity and exciting rhythmic improvisation are his stylistic hallmarks and this has established him, worldwide, as one of the finest exponents of tabla in classical and world music.

Dheeraj Shrestha’s hometown, Kathmandu, Nepal stands on the ancient route leading from the Himalayan mountains down into the valley of Kathmandu. His real relationship with music began when he was five years old listening to classical music by his father. Later he started formal training on tabla with his guru Pt. Hom Nath Upadhyaya. His father use to take him to play traditional temple music near his home. He use to be only the child among all the master musicians who be performing at the courtyard temple music.

He frequently visits Nepal to understand more about the spirituality in music and knowledge of Nepalese traditional music and preserving it for future generations. Dheeraj Shrestha is the first Nepalese professional musician invited to migrate Australia in 1994. He has also been on a Australian Arts council peer assessment committee. Later started teaching world music at the Queensland Conservatorium of music, UQ, QUT. Now, Dheeraj Shrestha has been working closely at the SAO with Dr. Anthony Garcia to explore and promote a more holistic vision of music, & the arts and its role in society. At present running music school “Rhythms of the world”